Release Day Review: Savage Urges by Suzanne Wright

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Savage Urges

4 Stars

The Phoenix Pack #5

Paranormal Romance

3rd May 2016


As a volunteer at a shelter for lone shifters—the same one that rescued her—Makenna Wray has dedicated her life to finding homes for its residents. And when she discovers that a teen in her care is related to Ryan Conner, the broody, handsome-as-sin enforcer of the Phoenix Pack, she’s eager to help connect the two. She just wasn’t prepared to feel a connection of her own.
Lone wolves are loners for a reason—and most of them bad. Or so Ryan assumes until he meets the mysterious Makenna. Quirky and sensual, she seems to enjoy riling him, especially when she refuses to discuss her past. Although there is no mating bond, he’s sure she’s the one. All he has to do is be patient and wait. But when another pack’s sinister Alpha comes sniffing around, threatening Makenna and her shelter, this enforcer is ready to let his wolf off the leash…


I’ve been reading Suzanne Wright books for several years and I’m really surprised I’ve never actually reviewed one of her books before. Savage Urges is the fifth book in The Phoenix Pack series and is my second favourite book in the series so far. My favourite being Dark Instincts!


The Phoenix Pack series consists of great alpha male characters and strong, vibrant and funny females characters who won’t take crap from anyone and a bit of crazy thrown in just to keep things from being too smooth and Savage Urges continues this with this great series with Ryan and Makenna.


I love the way Ms Wright, writes her male characters and Ryan is no different. While he may be an alpha male and not the alpha of the pack that’s where the similarities end with the other male characters. Ryan holds his emotions close to his chest and is often described by others as being closed off, cold and unfeeling which isn’t true and while his back story is sad it really worked well for him. I loved how determined he was of what was between him and Makenna and how he never wavered with his feelings for her or the decisions he makes to protect her.

Now Makenna, she’s an awesome character. To be honest all the female characters in this series are awesome and it’s hard to say who a favourite is as they are all wacky and brilliantly written but Makenna is definitely one of my top choices. Makenna has a complicated past that doesn’t feel over done or overwhelm you and doesn’t get dragged out. Makenna brings a lot of light and humour to Savage Urges and to Ryan. Makenna brings crazy to Savage Urges by being extremely superstitious and it was so funny to see Ryan’s reactions to the superstitions she said and how others react too.


“Finding an unconscious shifter on your doorstep was a definite buzzkill.

Frowning in surprise, Makenna Wray double-blinked, half expecting him to disappear. Nope, he was still there, which just went to prove that Friday the thirteenth really was an unlucky day.”


The amount of crazy in Savage Urges, is much less than compared to others in the series but it works really well as I mentioned the crazy is a lot less because it’s more contained with Makenna’s superstitions, which honestly cracked me up. I loved the way Makenna could get past Ryan’s shields and get to him like no one else could.


It was great to see everyone from the pack and to meet some great new characters in Zac, Dawn, Madisyn, Riley, Savannah and Dexter.  


All in all it was a really good read and not only do I recommend Savage Urges but this series too!


Series Order:

Feral Sins #1

Wicked Cravings #2

Carnal Secrets #3

Dark Instincts #4


This review is based on the ARC of Savage Urges provided by Montlake Romance


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In case you haven’t noticed, things around these, here parts have changed!


Last weekend, I moved this here little blog over to wordpress. It took me three hours because the first time I moved it, uploaded all the blog posts and then installed a theme it crashed on me and I had to re-install wordpress and everything all over again. Which was a little bit headache inducing.


I’m not going to bore you with the details of how to do that, but if you’re interested I used this post from I Can Build A Blog and this post from Creatives In Transit. There are a ton of good websites that tell you have to do but those two were my favourite.


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Now I just have to go and edit over 800+ posts and reviews because some images didn’t copy over and some text has been condensed so over the next month there may be little tweaks to the site but I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Dewey’s Read-a-thon…

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dewey's read-a-thon


Today is the ninth year of Dewey’s read-a-thon. I love read-a-thon’s especially this one as it’s 24 hours and it’s twice a year. April and October.

I couldn’t take part it last year’s read-a-thon, as I was getting married!

I’ve been taking part in the read-a-thon for years and years, you can read older posts about it here!


What I’m reading…

This week I’ve been a bit obsessed with re-reading Kristen Ashley’s The ‘Burg series. I’ve already read For You, At Peace & Hold On. So I’ve started my read-a-thon with The Promise but what I really want to read is the second book in Grace Draven’s Wraith Kings series Eidolon, but I can’t remember 100% how the last book ended so I’m thinking I might either re-read or skim read Radiance before I get into that one and if I have any time left, I’d really like to read A Grief Observed by C.S Lewis (click the link to see the cover on goodreads because it is gorgeous!) which my youngest brother-in-law got for my birthday which was back in February! Also I’d really like to read Indulgence in Death by J.D Robb which I’ve had for a couple of years but for some reason I’ve stopped reading this series which is a total shame because I love, love, love it!



To be honest, I’m not expecting to get a whole lot of reading done like I have before, as I’m not feeling very well and my family are coming to visit early tomorrow and staying for lunch, which I’m cooking so I’m hoping to get finished with The Promise and at least start Eidolon which I can finish tomorrow once my family have gone home but the read-a-thon will have ended by then. But I’m ok with that.

I ain’t no spring chicken anymore and won’t be staying up till 3 or even 4am to read! I’ll be in bed by 9pm like a grandma!


If you’re taking part in Dewey’s read-a-thon, then the best of luck to you and I’d love to know what your reading!

DNF Round Up

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I try my very hardest not to DNF (did not finish) a book but sometimes it happens. I don’t mention every book I DNF but sometimes they pile up and I do DNF round ups.
Ever After is the fourth book in Ms SeRine’s transplanted tales series and while I do love this series, I knew going in that Ever After wasn’t my type of troupe, lover thought dead ends up not being dead, but it just didn’t pull me in like the other books and I found the heroine, Arabella rather annoying.
I know Christi Snow as a book blogger and while I followed along her success of completing NaNoWriMo and then publishing her first book, I never read anything she’d written because I’m not a big fan of military romances but when I saw Through the Veil I thought I had to give it a go. Now technically there was absolutely nothing wrong with Through the Veil. It’s well written and draws you in to read however, it very much reminded me of the first book Ascension in Caris Roane’s ascension series and I had to stop reading at 52%.

Broken Open is the second book in the Hurley Boys trilogy and while I didn’t love the first book, I really wanted to read Ezra’s story because he seemed like a great character but I couldn’t get past Tuesday. I didn’t lover her character and she got on my nerves quite quickly, which was a shame because I did really like Ezra and wanted the book to work for me but honestly I just couldn’t get past Tuesday. I was tempted to skip scenes she was in but since she’s the main character, I didn’t think that would work.


The Professional is the third book in the Dangerous in Dallas series and I had no idea this series existed till this book, so I jumped on it then quite quickly regretted it. I often read books out of order and unless it’s urban fantasy, I can follow along quite quickly with what’s going on but I couldn’t do that with The Professional. I really felt lost and confused within the first 25% of the book and not long after had to call it quits because I was annoying myself with feeling lost.


Wild Wolf Claiming is the eighth book in the Bloodrunners series and I’ve read a few of the books and while I didn’t love them I’ve definitely enjoyed them but sadly I couldn’t get into this one. I normally don’t have a problem with instant love connections but it just wasn’t working for me with Skye and Elliot.

Early Review: The Undoing by Shelly Laurenston

- 4 stars, paranormal romance, review
The Undoing 2


4 Stars

Call of Crows #2

Paranormal Romance

29th March 2016

No one would ever accuse Jace Berisha of having an easy life—considering her husband…you know…killed her. But that was then! Now she fights for mighty Viking gods with the spectacular and vicious Crows.
But things are turning very bad, very quickly because a vengeful, ancient goddess has come into the world with just one thing on her mind—ending it. And the only way they can hope to stop her is if the Crows join forces with their one-time enemies, the Protectors. A Viking Clan created to do nothing but kill every Crow they see.Thankfully, Protector Ski Eriksen is a peace loving kind of guy. Because the woman he is desperately trying to get close to is the beautiful and not-very-chatty Jace. Battling Nordic clans? Unkillable goddesses? Jace’s mean-spirited dog? None of these things would ever get in the way of a true Viking!

I really like Shelly Laurenston as an author. I throughly enjoyed her Pride series and I’m seriously hooked on the Call of Crows series, the first book, The Unleashing {review} was a strange but fun read and The Undoing is just as good, no wait, it’s actually better!

The idea behind the Call of Crows is based on Viking mythology and several of the gods and goddess have clans who represent and do work from them. Most of the members of the clans have belonged to their clan for generations. With the exception of the Crows. The women who become members of the Crow clan basically die in awful and horrific ways and are then approached by the goddess who hears their cries and wishes and brings them back to life to exact their revenge and to join the Crow clan.

While each book in the Call of Crows series is technically individual, they are not standalone. You can’t pick this one up first and think you can pick up the storyline! I actually went back and skimmed through the first book before reading The Undoing because it’s been a whole year and I had forgotten some things. Which I definitely needed.

You first meet Jace and her quirkiness in The Unleashing so her attitude and behaviour follow on and while Jace is the very definition of an introvert she is still crazy enough to be one of the crows, even though she sometimes feels like she doesn’t fit with them.

First paragraph:
“He packed more dirt on her body. She felt it now. Felt the dirt falling against her face, her arms and legs. He was trying to wipe away all evidence of her. Pretend she didn’t exist. Pretend she’d never existed.”

Ski is a Protector and is a really great match for Jace, other than of course his tiny problem with making small talk! Honestly, I really loved most of the Protectors. They’re all into information gathering and books and protecting information. They seemed like a great bunch of characters. I really hope we get more from them.Of course you see more characters from clan Crow and the ongoing storyline does carry on from the previous book. You also get to meet characters from the other clans as well as continuing seeing characters from clan Raven who were in the previous book along with the previous couple.


There’s no clue, to me, who’s book is next but I seriously enjoyed The Undoing, it’s about 400 pages long and is a really great read. It starts well and ends just as well. I was a little sad when it ended! I can’t wait for the next book!


Series order:
The Unleashing #1


This review is based on the ARC of The Undoing provided by Kensington Books