April 2016 | Best Month Ever!

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April was such a busy month! Much busier than I was expecting, but it was amazing!!! BEST MONTH EVER!!!
My Mum’s husband cut down the old tree in my parents garden and then cut his thumb open and refused to get stitches! Ryan’s Dad and Step-Mum came to visit us which was super nice. I moved my book blog from blogger to wordpress and enjoyed moving it, until I realised all the book images didn’t transfer across. Not sure how to fix it yet! Ryan had two weeks worth of holiday and we had a blast going places and doing fun things, like seeing Captain America: Civil War and visiting Ryan’s youngest brother in Newcastle. I also finally got my laptop fixed until I can decide which macbook I want to get. There was also Dewey’s Read-a-thon and Nora Roberts newest book The Obsession and my Mum and her husband came to visit which is always good!


I’ve been ridiculously surprised with how well I was! I had an awful period, but I always do nowadays but the rest of the month was ridiculously good! At the end of the month I jumped back on the scales and I had managed to gain a whole 6lbs!!! You have no idea how happy that makes me! Let’s hope I can keep it on, although I’ve still under 8 stone.


As well as watching the same films as last month, (Kung Fu Panda & Man From U.N.C.L.E) I’ve also been addictively watching Die Hard 2! And we finally got to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on DVD.
We finally caught up on quite a lot of TV shows we’ve recorded, Lip Sync Battle (the American version!) Flash Season 2, Legends of Tomorrow and Season 2 of Agent Carter. Click here to see some of my favourite books of April.



April has been such a good food month for me and as you can see from the pictures it’s been a rather burger heavy month too! I do love a good burger though. When Ryan’s Dad and Step-Mum came to visit they took us to The Aspley and it was really good food. Then when Ryan was on holiday we went to Northern Tea House and their tea and cakes were awesome, we also got takeout from Coffeeboy and had a picnic in a park not to far from our house.
Ryan also made me the most awesome toasted chicken sandwich that I sat in the sun to eat. Then when we went to Newcastle Ryan’s youngest brother took me to Quilliam Brothers Tea House, they do a huge selection of different teas and I was seriously wowed, he also took us to Fat Hippo Underground and I had their American and it made me want to Newcastle! (Ok it was for more than just their burger but it was ridiculously good!) Then after seeing the first viewing of the day for Captain America: Civil War we went to Turtle Bay and I had a jerk chicken bun and a zesty lemon and lime tart, Ryan had a street burger and dark chocolate brownie. We were both super impressed with the food and the service. We also found out The Parish do takeout and really enjoyed it.


I finally found and bought that H&M blazer I loved so much, and it was a bargain at £15! I also got the softest, comfiest light grey tee and some knee-high socks from their too and when in Newcastle I finally bought a photo album for our wedding pictures, a few things from Lush and some loose leaf Dreamtime tea from Whittards.

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