ARC Review: Beyond Surrender by Kit Rocha

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Note: This review contains spoilers and is the last book in the series, which means it doesn’t read this if you haven’t read the other books. This book doesn’t stand alone.

5 Stars
Beyond #9
Erotica Romance
13th December 2016

She’s the heart of O’Kane liquor.

He’s the brains of the revolution.

They’re facing a war that could end their world. Again.

Beyond Surrender the last book in the Beyond series! I can’t believe this series is over. When Beyond Shame came out back in 2012 (review here) I was dubious that this series was for me. It took me a full year to get into this series after it had started and afterwards I was kicking myself for not starting it when it came out.

The brilliance that is Donna and Bree who make up this amazing writing duo as Kit Rocha never let me down. They write vivid worlds and interesting characters and Beyond Surrender continues to show us this.

I found Beyond Surrender to be a much sweeter read than the other books in the series. That’s not to say that Beyond Surrender isn’t as hot as the other books but it had a more of a slow burn to it that I greatly enjoyed.

Nessa and Ryder are truly great characters and it was great for Nessa to finally get her book. It also showed Nessa’s connection with Dallas more that I greatly enjoyed. The way Nessa and Ryder work together really worked for me. They just clicked so well and I instantly fell into their story. I stayed up until 1am reading after receiving the arc.

Now while Beyond Surrender is about Nessa and Ryder it is also about the war and rebellion/revolution in the sectors. Which is what is happening in this book and right now, I’m kind of mad at Kit Rocha.

People get hurt in this book and you’re on the edge, full on tender hooks waiting to see if they will kill someone off and who if they do.

I cried.

Why did you do it?


Beyond Surrender is a beautiful book and an amazing conclusion to the Beyond series and to Sector Four and the characters we’ve come to know and enjoy. But it also opens lots of doors for more things to come and answers to questions. As Beyond Surrender is a three-fold book,:

  • Nessa and Ryder’s romance,
  • the end of the war and
  • the conclusion to the Beyond series

I think Kit Rocha not only ticked every box but out did themselves. But that doesn’t mean I’m not mad at those bitches! (See spoiler)

While Beyond Surrender is the end to the Beyond series, come 2017 we’ll be stepping into Sector One with Gideon’s Riders and the first book Ashwin. Which I’m pretty excited for and I’m pretty sure by then I might have forgiven them.

Another man went down from a blow he should have seen coming a mile away, and Ryder gritted his teeth as he shook the sweat from his skin.

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This review is based on the ARC of Beyond Surrender provided by Kit Rocha.

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