Recent Purchases: The Body Shop, Amazon & Sainsbury’s

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Here are some of my recent purchases from the end of June and the part of July. Featuring The Body Shop, Amazon & Sainsbury’s.
Body Shop Sale

During my husband’s week holiday at the end of June I received an email from The Body Shop mentioning their sale, so when my husband went into town to buy the new metal collector’s edition of Ghost Busters I asked if he’d pick me up a few things and text him a list. I was lucky that the three things I wanted were in store and my husband picked me something extra up too!

Frosted Plum Sugar Scrub – This was from their Christmas collection and smells divine! I love their sugar scrubs, they really leave my skin nice and soft.

Satsuma Beautifying Oil – This has been on my list for years and years but I just kept dithering about it. But I’m so glad it was in their sale. I love the scent and how soft it makes my skin. I just wish the scent lingered for longer.

Frosted Plum Lip Balm – Love the scent of this and I like how soft this makes my lips. It’s quite a big time so image it will last a while.

Glazed Apple Lip Balm – This was an extra my husband threw in for me as he bought me the body butter in the January sale and it’s exactly the same. A lovely sour apple scent.

Body Shop Red Musk

Red Musk Fragrance Mist – When my Mum popped up to bring Ryan’s birthday present’s she brought this up for me too. It’s not something I would have bought myself as I don’t tend toward musky smells but I do quite like it.

Amazon Haul

I’m properly not alone in loving Amazon Prime but with being so unwell often and not being able to get out much I’m more in love with Amazon Prime now than I was before. I was lucky enough that when I went to renew my prime account there was a deal with the guys from Top Gear promoting their new series on Amazon so I got it for a steal.

Aluna Brita Jug – I desperately needed a new Brita jug as our old red one was looking really awful but at over 5 years old that was to be expected. This white one was a bargain at £10!

The doctor will see you now – I’ve been re-reading my endo books recently and I noticed one of them was published 14 years ago! So I thought I would see if there was anything new out that was actually good. The doctor will see you now is written by an America and some of the proceeds of the book go to the American Endometriosis group which I’m happy about as this was just under £15! I’ve only read a few chapters so far but I’ve liked what I have read.

Alice in Wonderland Pocket Moleskine – I bullet journal. I have since 2014 but I’m not an artsy person so my bullet journal is very simple and I don’t do a monthly log. I wanted one that would be easy to carry and fit in my bag so when I started my new one in March I used a moleskine pocket purple one and it was love! I haven’t got many pages left and needed a new one but was stuck between this petit prince one or a Paperblanks one but then I saw this Alice in Wonderland one and it’s oh so pretty!

Hair Clips

Asda hair clips – I was looking for some hair dye and spotted these pretty hair clips! I’ve been loving wearing them and they were in the sale for less than £3!


While still on the look out for hair dye but this time in Sainsbury’s I saw they had lots of hair products on offer. I ended up being drawn to the packaging of the Phil Smith Be Gorgeous range and then realised they were cruelty-free and at £2 each I couldn’t resist.

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Coco Licious Coconut Oil Conditioner – has an amazing coconut scent that I love but I didn’t find it very nourishing or moisturising so I’m currently mixing it with my existing conditioner but for £2 I can’t complain.

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Hello Moisture Intensive Conditioner – I’m in love with this! At £2 it is such a good deal and since having used it I may have gone and bought another 3 bottles of it! There isn’t much of a scent to this one but as its main ingredient is shea butter it is so moisturising and good at getting the knots out of m hair.

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Intensive Treatment – I haven’t had a hair mask for a really long time. I tend to either leave my normal conditioner on for longer or use oil but again this was £2 and I couldn’t pass it up. It’s very much like the conditioner and leaves my hair so smooth and soft!

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Curly Locks Curl Control Cream – This one was £2.50 and again I love it! I don’t really have curls there more waves but I still enjoyed the effect it created on my hair. It didn’t weigh my hair down nor did my hair end up feeling sticky. I had to use three pea sized amounts and they weren’t small pea sized amounts, they were big fat pea sized amounts but I was really happy with the results.

shower gel

Last but not least is this Limited Edition Original Source Hibiscus Tea and Pomegranate, which I can’t decide if I like but it was £1 in Sainsbury’s.

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