May 2016 | A Sucky Month

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May has been a sucky month! Sucky, sucky sucky. I’ve hardly been well enough to leave the house, not even to pop to Coffeeboy, which has been rather frustrating as it’s only a short walk away. So I’ve been living through pictures from my Mum and friend’s when the weather was nice, hence the flowers and my friend’s little boy. Have you seen those special Peter rabbit 50p’s? Well Ryan received one which he gave to me and it’s so cute! When I was well enough, we managed a brief trip to Scarborough to visit family and my best friend. Which exhausted me but it was nice to get out and visit home as the last time we were their was for our wedding in October. I’ve also been on a bit of a printing spree. It’s only taken ten months to print out our pre-wedding pictures and eight months to print out our wedding pictures. I’ve also slowly been buying bits and pieces for project life as I wasn’t completely sure how I wanted it to go.


Health-wise as I’ve already said May has not been my month. The pain has been near constant and then I received a blow when I rang the Drs and spoke to the receptionist and it was the receptionist that informed me of the massive cock-up, miscommunication and I have to wait till the end of the month before I can now get referred, which is so annoying and frustrating.
Weight-wise I haven’t been on the scales this month, I partly couldn’t be arsed and partly because sadly there’s no way I’ve gained anymore weight. If I’m lucky (which isn’t likely) I’ve maintained but most likely I’ve lost a couple of lbs but it’s hard to tell when I’m nearly bloated 24/7. Oh! And I don’t think I’ve mentioned the scarring on my stomach I did months and months ago with a hot water bottle, which is slowly fading and healing but it’s freaked everyone out but my Dr’s who just don’t seem to give a shit and tell me it’ll heal on its own. But my husband bought me this to put on the scarring. Can’t say if it’s working yet. Partly because I don’t always remember to put it on and because I’ve only been using it for a month but it does smell nice!


Filmwise, I’m still addicted to Kung Fu Panda, Man From U.N.C.L.E and Die Hard 2 but I’ve also been watching The Mummy, Tin Tin, Corpse Bride, Mortal Combat, The Lego Movie, The Lorax and Green Lantern Emerald Knights. I watch these during the day as I work from home an need background noise because I have noise neighbours.
TV wise my husband got me hooked on Black Sails and we got caught up with season 2 of Supergirl and my husband started Chuck all the way from the beginning. I am a fan of it but sometimes it just drag’s on a bit. At least there’s only five seasons! You can see my favourite books from May here!



The beginning of the the month was full of soup, soup and other basic food I wouldn’t throw up and could keep down. As soon as I was well I bought a roast chicken and had a Sunday dinner that really. hit. the spot. It was so good! Otherwise it’s been all easy home-cooked food because I haven’t had the energy to make anything really fun and we only had KFC once when my hubby came home after a leaving do for work.


I didn’t buy much this month. It was my youngest brother-in-laws brother 21st birthday  so we bought him a record player and two vinyls, which I got to pick! I ordered our pre-wedding pictures, wedding pictures and pictures from March, April and May from Snapfish. I also bought two pairs of flats from Topshop because my last pair were falling a part and I really had to throw them away! And train tickets for my hubby & I to visit Scarborough.


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