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Lauren Conrad is just twenty-four, but she is already well known for several reasons. Her reality roles in MTV’s Laguna Beach and The Hills made her famous; her pretty face has graced the covers of Cosmo, Seventeen and other magazines; she designs a namesake clothing line; and she’s the author of the top-selling teen novels L.A. Candy and Sweet Little Lies. This fully illustrated style guide features Lauren’s favorite tips on looking good and staying stylish. A fine gift for any fretful teenage girl.

Sadly, like my females from early teens to late twenties I love Lauren Conrad’s style and make-up looks. I’ve only ever seen a handful of episodes of The Hills but I always loved the way Lauren looked and wondered what her fashion tips and possible tricks would be so I really hard to buy this.

I found the overall layout of the book to be quite nice but a bit bland and sparse in sections. However I really like the fashion tips and ideas Lauren put into this book. I did expect a bit more than the standard in comparison to other fashion books such as Gok Wan’s and sadly founding it a bit lacking as it was very similar in what Lauren classed as basics to Gok’s and other fashion books but I liked the extras that Lauren included, like how to style a LBD in different ways for different occasions.

Although it was interesting to have information on Lauren’s make-up it wasn’t very noteworthy. Overall, a nice book that it more suited to teens and big Lauren Conrad fans.

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