Six Happy Things

Happy List

Every now and again I need a reminder of the happy things in my life or that have happened recently. These are from June.



EvieΒ | She’s nearly always on my list even if I don’t actually mention her. She had a little strop in JuneΒ when we swapped her veggie’s from Kale to Spring Green’s and kept not eating them when we cut them up. So as a joke we just gave her the big leaves, and guess what? The little diva actually ate them! She’s so cheeky.

Scrapbooking Fun

Project Life | Since March/April this year, I’ve really got into Project Life. I don’t do it fancy like people do on YouTube. Sadly I’m just not that artsy so I keep it really simple. I enjoy doing it as it’s one way to distract from my pain when it’s mild. This was one of my favourite ones I’ve done recently. Cheeky little Ethan who was a whole 17 months in June!

Sword in the Stone

Sword in the Stone | One of my all time favourite Disney films. I love Archimedes and that poor, naughty, unlucky wolf.

Brownie birthday cake

Ryan/Birthday Cake | A bit like Evie, Ryan is always in my happy list even if he’s not mentioned. I am oh so lucky to not only have him in my life but to have married this guy and to have spent 10 years together! He’s my rock and he still makes me giggle like he did when we were 19!
Near the end of June Ryan turned 30 and I knew I wasn’t going to be well for it so I bought him a birthday cake. This was from Sainsbury’s and it was amazing. It’s called a Caramel Brownie Cake and the bottom layer is brownie! There’s also caramel sauce and two layers of cake and it’s covered in caramel frosting. We both really enjoyed it.

Lunch in bed

Lunch in bed with my hubby | Ryan had a week’s holiday for his birthday and of course I was due my period and that is never, ever good so one day when I wasn’t too good but still had an appetite, I convinced him to have lunch in bed with me. It was nice to have company, and while we had lunch we watched How To Train a Dragon too.

Colourful Lilies

Lilies | Literally the second to last dayΒ of June I was in excruciating pain. There were many trips to the bathroom, so many tears and one great big hug and lots of painkillers later I managed to have a nap. While I was sleeping Ryan popped out and came home with these beautiful and bright lilies for me to cheer me up! They literally died yesterday so they lasted a really long time and they were beautiful! Once I was better we moved them to our living room but it was so nice to have them in our room while I was ill.


These are my happy memories from near the end of June. You can see more of my happy things here. My happy things is my longest running ‘series’ and has been running since 2012.


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